About Us

Everybody hates moving. After moving countless friends and family members for beer and pizza; I thought there has to be a better way. It all started when my buddy and I were brainstorming at a bar about possible business ventures when it dawned on us; an on-demand moving and delivery company. My pickup was vastly underutilized and there is definitely an inefficiency in the moving and delivery markets. If Uber can move people, then why can’t Hauler move people’s stuff. We started researching and quickly realized that the market only had a few competitors and wasn't established yet. We thought to ourselves, every Uber needs a Lyft, and every Ford needs a Chevy. After putting our savings and unemployment checks together we created a beautiful app to help people and businesses deliver items from point A to B. We want to solve this problem and give back to the community by dedicating a portion of our business toward delivery items to goodwill for free.