We move it all

Craigslist Purchases

No matter if you're buying or selling something on Craigslist use Hauler to get it home!

Apartment Move

You can move most of your stuff by yourself, but you need help with the bigger stuff. Holler a Hauler to do the heavy lifting! Simply download the app, follow the steps, and someone will come help you.

Furniture Movers

If you buy furniture from a friend, retailer, or Craigslist then use Hauler to get them home.

Donate to Goodwill

Have Hauler deliver your items to the nearest Goodwill or charity.


Sign up and become a worker to help people with their projects.

Deliver to the Dump

Need something Hauled away quick? Holler a Hauler and someone will haul your junk to the dump.

Storage Facilities

Putting stuff into or out of storage? Follow simple steps in the app, and someone will help you deliver items to their destination

Nursery or Garden Centers

Can't fit a tree, or bushes in your car? Then use Hauler to deliver your weekend project to your home and they will even help you plant it!

How Hauler Works

1. Let's Get Hauling

Tell us what, where, and when you need help moving

2. Get a Driver

A background-checked, reliable truck owner will move your stuff

3. Pay, Tip and Review

All payment is done through the app–no cash needed!